I'm a software developer from Kandel, Germany. I really like to code, learn new stuff and to code some open source projects. Some of my favourite projects can be found here. My focus is in the C# backend for websites and in software architecture.


The experience I collected in the past years

Software developer

Coding since 2013


My responsibilities in my job

  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • Code quality
  • Requirements analysis with customer

My career

Embarking on a Journey: My Career Story.
Through dedication, perseverance, and a passion for what I do, I've carved a unique path in my field. Join me as I share the milestones, challenges, and achievements that have shaped my career.

  1. TechniData IT-Service GmbH

    2013 - Writing code for various projects from public transport over student union to a luxury watch manufacturer

  2. smarthouse adesso financial solutions GmbH

    2016 - Supporting the financial sector with websites

  3. STP Solutions GmbH

    2020 - Coding a checking tool for a famous insolvency

  4. Time out

    2022 - Sometimes you need a bit of time for yourself

  5. axio concept GmbH

    2023 - Writing multiple plugins for the main software of one of the largest players in the standardization sector


Here are some projects that I have coded and which I can show or provide to the public. Those are all open source projects and are free to download and use.

Trello List Viewer Card for HomeAssistant

A Plugin for Home Assistant to show a list of your Trello board to keep track of your cards. I use this plugin in my own Home Assistant instance since I have coded it.

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Twitch Followed Live Streams Card for HomeAssistant

This card is for home assistant to see all your streamers that are currently live. I use this plugin in my own Home Assistant instance since I have coded it.

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Simple Date Time Clock Card for HomeAssistant

This date time card for home assistant is easy to configure and brings you rich features on the same time. I use this plugin in my own Home Assistant instance since I have coded it.

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Parses series or movie strings to a object to handle it with applications. See the website for a short overview. This project was even sponsored by JetBrains with a free ReSharper license for two years.

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Planetbase SaveGame Editor

A try to read and modify a save game of the game Planetbase. I was pretty successful with it, but I stopped playing that game and so I also ended this project.

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